We are always eager for residents to share our cosy space with. We have an open studio, small private room and back dungeon. Mess is encouraged.

Work Bench: Waged $75 p/w - Unwaged $50 p/w

Private Room*

Private Studios*

Lets make magic together. All spaces subject to availability.

* Currently Full




Strange Haven can revert to a state of blankness - hosting whatever feels right. Music, art exhibitions, photo shoots, performances, pop-ups etc.

Facilities available include chairs and tables, bathroom, kitchenette, projector, vocal PA, fibre Internet.

Prices on request. 

Let's create beautiful things. 




Auckland is tiny, lets be friends ~ Strange Haven’s focus is on community.

We want to create a space, which is safe, thoughtful and accessible to all. 

Our doors are always open for community meetings, discussions, hangs, good people.

Koha or free of charge.

Lets have a yak.